Here you can find the latest posts about various events. Things are constantly happening in the writing world.

  • Apr 14, 2017 Events The road to Writers of the Future (WotF) for me this year was . . . an actual road. Or was it? This was my third year getting to attend the Writers of the Future Awards ceremony. The first two years I’ve learned they are constantly growing and expanding the experience, so during my drive I imagined the snowy mountains and fields as a path to somewhere mystical (aided by listening to the Skyrim sound ... continue reading
  • Feb 17, 2017 Events Purveyors of wisdom. Keepers of hordes. Dragons. Con season has begun again. For me it’s started with LTUE. This one I’ve been going to since elementary school. Over the years, I’ve seen it change greatly, but I’ve changed too as has what I want. What’s this have to do with dragons? Yes, it’s a science fiction and fantasy symposium and people are likely to have dragons about them. While there might be dragons in jewelry, books, plushies, ... continue reading
  • Sep 5, 2016 Dragon Pet Salt Lake Comic Con has come to a close. Did I Mark Hamel’s massive panel. Nope. Did I make any of the other panels? Nope. Did I make it and have a blast without doing that stuff? Yes! The last question’s answer was a bit of a surprise to me (the first two wouldn’t be if you know me. Sab, but not a surprise). Almost two months ago I sprained my ankle when a green dragon ... continue reading
  • Aug 27, 2016 Events Today author Johnny Worthen launched is book “David” by hosting a party at the King’s English in Salt Lake City. I’d had the pleasure of reading the first two books in the Unseen series, or perhaps the displeasure of discovering book 2 ended in a cliff hanger. If you dislike cliff hangers. Personally I like them. Those endings leave me pondering what could happen next and make me engaged in wanting to know what will ... continue reading
  • May 11, 2015 May the 4th Be With You A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . I can’t recall a time in my life when I didn’t know those words. The first of the original trilogy premiered before I was born. The second two debuted after I had as well. Being raised in a family full of fans meant I always knew those movies. I knew the sense of wonder they invoked and the hope. Nearly forty years later and their ... continue reading
  • Apr 20, 2015 A Golden Quill A golden quill. I had a golden quill pinned to my shrug proclaiming I belonged at the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards Ceremony. If a time traveler had told me a week before I’d be standing there, I would have backed slowly away. In fact, about a week before the event I had emailed Joni Labaqui and told her I would not be attending the ceremony. What a difference a week can make. I ... continue reading

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